Friday, 28 August 2009

Merry-go-round -Summer

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.
Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left).
If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...
This month's theme:

Summer is my season.
Summer is when I can live during the day instead of of working in the day and living my own, real life at night.
Summer is when I enjoy life— things, moments and people.
Summer is a time for new skills and spectacular skies and plants. And fruits.
Summer is for seizing the day.
Summer is when I am alive. Really. Not just for show.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Follow up on Inspiration

Here's what one of my scribblings defacing the lovely Muscha notelets turned into.

Better than any of my drawings, I think. Especially as it is modelled by the lovely, fresh hand of my lovely, fresh niece, Hortense...

Once more, inspired by the Thursday Sweet Treat blog: my Moon River ring.

Suite du message précédent qui traitait de l'inspiration. Un de mes gribouillis portait sur un projet de bague utilisant certains des matériaux accumulés récemment.

Le résultat est beaucoup plus sobre, et je l'adore. En toute simplicité et juste entre nous, bien sûr; ;-)
D'autant plus ravissant que le mannequin qui présente la bague est ma délicieuse nièce, Hortense.

Inspiré par le thème de cette semaine du blog Thursday Sweet Treat, ma bague Moon River.