Monday, 29 August 2011

Meet Miss G.

She doesn't have a name yet but it is supposed to begin with a G...

Friday, 26 August 2011

L'Ecole du Chat de Bordeaux

C'est gâce à cette association que j'ai pu adopter Mimi il y a presque six ans.
Si seulement j'avais une voiture (et un jardin !) je lui aurais volontiers adopté une petite compagnie...
Merci de faire parler de cette association :

Vous pouvez aider en diffusant cette affiche, en adoptant, en faisant un don, en donnant de votre temps... ou même en vous achetant un porte-clef ou des cartes postales !
Merci d'avance !

Merry-Go-Round - Since you started blogging has your blogging changed?

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.
Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left).
If they haven't all posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...
This month:
Since you started blogging has your style/content/feeling about blogging changed?

Well, I'm really not sure.
My blogging has remained generally scant and irregular.
There is that vicious circle: I blog little because I never get feedback except from the merry-goers and there is no feedback because, I guess, I don't blog often enough for people to want to check my blog...
I liked the idea of writing, but making my blog bilingual proved to be too time-consuming. So I blog mainly in English now because it makes more sense with what the blog is about. But that means most of my French friends can't read it...
Other than this, the main changes I can think of are, first, that I tend to write less and rely on photos more, but mostly that I post on my Facebok page more often....

Add to that the facts that my blog posts don't go up automatically on my Facebook page anymore, for a reason that remains totally mysterious to me and that my recent computer problem (most recent one only half useable— reliable one really, really slow...) make it even more difficult and slower to do anything at all.

It still might be that my iPhone is going to change my blogging radically when I've finally gotten the knack of Mail2blogger.... So watch this space!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

1,2,3 : test

I've been trying to find an iPhone app to blog here. I finally found one that actually allows me to log in, but it doesn't do photos... I'd be grateful for a tip about an app that works on both iPhone 4 and blogspot... En quête d'une app pour bloguer ici (sur blogspot, donc) depuis mon iPhone, j'en ai enfin trouvé une qui me permet de me connecter sur mon compte, mais elle ne prends pas les photos en charge... Tout tuyau serait bienvenu...

History on the go

Last April, strolling along a street in Paris, I found myself reading this plaque:

"En ce bâtiment,
jadis Hôtel d'York,
le 3 septembre 1783,
au nom du Roi d'Angleterre,
Benjamin FRANKLIN,
John JAY, John ADAMS,
au nom des Etats Unis d'Amérique,
ont signé le Traité Définitif de Paix
reconnaissant l'indépendance
des Etats-Unis"

(In this building,
which used to be the Hôtel d'York,
on September 3rd, 1783,
on behalf of the King of England,
Benjamin FRANKLIN,
John JAY & John ADAMS,
on behalf of the United States of America,
signed the Final Peace Treaty
which sanctioned the independence
of the United-States)

I had never heard of this place and didn't remember ever learning that date... One of the things I still love about Paris (together with all my friends there ^.^) is that can still still be surprised by history just around the corner.
Thanks to my lovely iPhone, I was able to take couple of photos and edit one into this shining example of a monument to democracy in the making.

Right now, the edited version is for sale on a sturdy tote bag in both my shops, but I can also provide a quality print of it on a variety of materials (glossy, mat, canvas) and in various sizes up to A4, in this "highlighted" version or in the original version. Either would look great on any wall— a bit of a Paris wall on your own wall...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New on French DaWanda: "les groupes"

So I've been playing with this and gone and started two teams, oops, sorry, "groupes":

The Auld Alliance, to bring together Scottish and French people with a similar taste for the genuine handmade and vintage:
This is meant to use the new "group" function of the French site to allow Scottish and French DaWandians to get together, NOT to keep other British members out, of course...
The group is fully open to all members with a connection to France and Scotland; so that it could be the perfect place to leave "Wanted" ads with a regional / national focus—, for example.

Bord'eau, for all DaWandians who live in / love Aquitaine as well as genuine handmade, OOAK, unique, small series artefacts as well as genuine that is not merely second-/ or third-hand stuff:
For all DaWandians in Bordeaux, Gironde or Aquitaine who wish to come together to create and exchange.
This is a place to make, find, invent, dream, chat, share and recycle— just not other people's ideas, of course.
The group, though "closed", is fully open to all site-members with a connection to Aquitaine, not just sellers; so that it could be the ideal place for you to express your wishes and see them fulfilled by local designers / artists / crafters.

Nouveau : les GROUPES sur DAWANDA

Une nouvelle fonctionalité sociale sur le site européen du fait-main...
J'en ai profité pour en créer deux :

, pour rassembler l'Aquitaine autour de boutiques authentiquement artisanales, créatives et vintage :
Pour ceux et celles qui, à Bordeaux, en Gironde ou en Aquitaine, souhaitent se rassembler dans un esprit de créativité et d'échange.
Ici on fabrique soi-même, on chine, on invente, on rêve, on cause, on partage et on recycle (mais pas les idées des autres, bien sûr !).
Le groupe, quoique "fermé", est bien sûr ouvert à tous les DaWandiens qui ont un lien avec l'Aquitaine : pour celles et ceux qui ne sont (pour l'instant) qu'acheteurs, ce pourrait être un lieu idéal pour contacter des créateurs / designers / artisans de leur région et leur faire les demandes les plus folles...

The Auld Alliance
, pour célébrer et entretenir dans le vintage, les arts et l'artisanat ce lien si ancien qui lie France et Ecosse :
J'espère avec ce groupe donner la possibilité aux membres écossais et français de se retrouver grâce à la nouvelle fonctionnalité de la plateforme française : PAS d'exclure les autres membres britanniques !
Le groupe est bien sûr ouvert à tous les DaWandiens qui ont un lien avec l'Ecosse et la France : pour celles et ceux qui ne sont (pour l'instant) qu'acheteurs, ce pourrait être un lieu idéal pour contacter des créateurs / designers / artisans de l'autre pays et leur faire les demandes les plus folles...