Thursday, 25 August 2011

History on the go

Last April, strolling along a street in Paris, I found myself reading this plaque:

"En ce bâtiment,
jadis Hôtel d'York,
le 3 septembre 1783,
au nom du Roi d'Angleterre,
Benjamin FRANKLIN,
John JAY, John ADAMS,
au nom des Etats Unis d'Amérique,
ont signé le Traité Définitif de Paix
reconnaissant l'indépendance
des Etats-Unis"

(In this building,
which used to be the Hôtel d'York,
on September 3rd, 1783,
on behalf of the King of England,
Benjamin FRANKLIN,
John JAY & John ADAMS,
on behalf of the United States of America,
signed the Final Peace Treaty
which sanctioned the independence
of the United-States)

I had never heard of this place and didn't remember ever learning that date... One of the things I still love about Paris (together with all my friends there ^.^) is that can still still be surprised by history just around the corner.
Thanks to my lovely iPhone, I was able to take couple of photos and edit one into this shining example of a monument to democracy in the making.

Right now, the edited version is for sale on a sturdy tote bag in both my shops, but I can also provide a quality print of it on a variety of materials (glossy, mat, canvas) and in various sizes up to A4, in this "highlighted" version or in the original version. Either would look great on any wall— a bit of a Paris wall on your own wall...

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