Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New on French DaWanda: "les groupes"

So I've been playing with this and gone and started two teams, oops, sorry, "groupes":

The Auld Alliance, to bring together Scottish and French people with a similar taste for the genuine handmade and vintage:
This is meant to use the new "group" function of the French site to allow Scottish and French DaWandians to get together, NOT to keep other British members out, of course...
The group is fully open to all members with a connection to France and Scotland; so that it could be the perfect place to leave "Wanted" ads with a regional / national focus—, for example.

Bord'eau, for all DaWandians who live in / love Aquitaine as well as genuine handmade, OOAK, unique, small series artefacts as well as genuine that is not merely second-/ or third-hand stuff:
For all DaWandians in Bordeaux, Gironde or Aquitaine who wish to come together to create and exchange.
This is a place to make, find, invent, dream, chat, share and recycle— just not other people's ideas, of course.
The group, though "closed", is fully open to all site-members with a connection to Aquitaine, not just sellers; so that it could be the ideal place for you to express your wishes and see them fulfilled by local designers / artists / crafters.

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