Friday, 30 April 2010

Merry-Go-Round - Merry-Swap-Around

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.
Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left).
If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...
This month's theme:
A Merry Gift from a fellow Merry-Go-Rounder: mine came all the way from the Netherlands, sent by Kim, of Vilt à la Kim!

I love this!

Look what I got: gorgeous packaging for starters.

Inside: a wonderful Magical (I say) Roving Eye Ring with a Seafaring Cuff Bracelet. All of Turquoise and Blue. I love the colours, and I love the detailing in that soft, wavy foam-like line! Just when I'm beginning to yearn for the sea and a great big gulp of sea air...

Also, I'm told this is all merino and silk—some of my favourite materials...


My hand-made gift went to Alison, if you'd like to check it out...

Friday, 16 April 2010

On the Road Again... Part 2— the Return of the Revenge

Moi, je suis une grande Enquiquineuse toute simple : une petite Jaguar, ou un bon vieux Black Cab, c'est tout ce que je demande. Et puis si je deviens vraiment riche ou entretenue, j'aurai aussi une hybride avec des freins.

Mais figurez-vous qu'il y en a qui exigent une 2CV ou une Coccinelle ! Quand je pense que certains me disent difficile...

Attendez-vous à croiser plus d'Etranges Enquiquineuses Trop Chères : les idées me viennent avec une facilité effrayante !

Merci à Mariana et Mitsi pour m'avoir inspiré ces deux... décapotables.

I am just your basic High-Maintenance gal— a mere Jaguar, or possibly a good old Black Cab is all I'm asking for (my other fantasy car is a hybrid that does brake).

Well, you ought to know that some women will only have a 2CV and others a Beetle.
And I'm supposed to be a snob!

More Strange, Difficult, High-Maintenance Women to come, I'm afraid— I keep getting new ideas!

Thanks to Mariana and Mitsi for inspiring me with these two convertibles ( _‹(•¿•)›_).

Thursday, 15 April 2010

On the Road Again...

L'aventure automobile du Bar du Vent se poursuit, dans la bonne humeur et le confort.
Que des anglaises.
D'abord, la Police de l'Elégance, ensuite, la seule version tolérable du camping...

More in the same mood with two English jobs— the Fashion Police and an elegant camping trip. Literally hours of work here... OOAK