Friday, 31 July 2009

Merry-go-round - Inspiration...

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

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This month's theme:
What inspires us: a peak into journals, pinboards, folders or wherever we keep our little snippets of inspiring stuff...

I wonder.

O.K. This is as much as I could find time to write yesterday.

Now for photos. They will tell you a bit more...

I look around a lot: streets, flea markets, magazines, antique shop, the world WIDE web... But I don't keep many traces of all this really. I don't keep a style notebook, as many designers and artists do. Maybe I should, but, on the other hand, I think it's part of 'my way' to just let it ripen in my mind. Some of it will stick and evolve into some idea, at some point. A lot will vanish.

However lovely some of the stuff I see, it is crucial to me that I do not plagiarize it, consciously or otherwise. So my "designs" (if you can call them that— still shy about the grandd-sounding names here), must be triggered by my ideas and desires. Or made to order. I love custom work.

What I have learnt to keep a trace of is those ideas— if only because I usually get them at the most inconvenient time, like in the middle of a meeting or at two in the morning.

So, at home, I have a beautiful litte notebook on my bedside table— full of ugly, clumsy drawings and notes. Some of these are turned into something right away, others have to way for six months or so and others still are still waiting...

Here, it's the stack of Muscha notelets that you can see on the photos.

When I'm in a meeting, it's my beloved Mulberry organizer. Makes me look very serious, I'm sure, when I start scribbling furiously. Provided no one is looking over my shoulder, I'm fine.

Now, what I'm afraid I really do hoard is materials. They make me tick. I just did a workshop learning mosaics, a skill which I definitely mean to adapt and use 'my way'. When I came across those lovely pieces of wood, glass and clay, my head began to be filled with spectacular pieces of jewellery! Nearly drooling I was.
And that is just the latest...
In my tiny second bedroom, "the room formerly known as a study", I have, well just about everything: fibers, fabrics, paper. AND it's creeping into corridor and living-room.

My cat doesn't mind. Provided she still gets all the seats. And the carpets.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ceux-là sont pour moi ! These are for me!

Aujourd'hui, je n'écris que pour me vanter ! Non seulement j'ai des amis, des amis fidèles et qui me soutiennent dans mon absurde entreprise créative, mais en plus ils ont du goût... C'est dire si leur amitié et leur soutien me sont flatteurs et précieux.

Pour preuve, ces somptueuses perles vénitiennes que je viens de recevoir. J'ai eu le coup de foudre pour ces triangles. Il n'y a vraiment que les Italiens pour créer des objets aussi simples et somptueux à la fois...

Voici donc un collier-bracelet que m'ont inspiré ces perles, des perles que j'ai trouvées aussi appétissantes, voire plus, que des berlingots quand je les ai reçues... Et il est pour MOI, parce que c'est bientôt mon anniversaire ! (^.^)

Et puis ces deux adorables pendentifs millefiori m'ont inspiré de longues variations en mauve pour les oreilles. Pour MES oreilles. Re-(^.^)

MERCI Muriel !!!

Today, I am only writing to brag and show off! Not only do I have loyal friends who have supported me in my crazy, adventurous, creative venture, but they have great taste... So you can guess how flattering and precious indeed their friendship and support are to me.

As evidence, I wanted to show you these gorgeous, Venitian beads that I have just gotten. I love these triangles. I'm always amazed at how the Italian can create objects so simple and superb.

And so, here is the bracelet/necklace that these triangular beads inspired me. They look very much like sweets and they did make me drool when I received them... And this piece is for ME, because it is my birthday soon! (^.^)

I also made these long mauve earrings inspired by the lovely millefiori pendants. For MY ears. (^.^) again.

THANK YOU Muriel!!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Nouvelle Lune / New moon

Juste pour dire que, oui, je travaille. Un peu. Et les résulat est en vente sur DaWanda et Etsy...
Votre avis m'intéresse !
J'ai des tas de projets de variations sur ce thème : anneaux simples à accumuler en constellation, lune rousse (en cuivre), etc.

Just to say that, yes, I am working on my skills and experimenting. A little. And the result is listed on DaWanda and Etsy.
I would love to have your thoughts.
I am considering a lot of variations on these : stacking rings, copper, etc.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Pourquoi acheter des Créations Uniques

Quelques réponses de DaWandiennes, dont moi ! (^.^), sur le blog de Mademoiselle Anastasia qui fabrique aussi d'irrésistibles fanfreluches...
C'est ici.