Monday, 29 December 2008

Merry-Go-Round... where has Christmas gone - again!

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left). If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...

This month's question:
How do you celebrate Christmas/holidays? What traditions do you have?

How do I celebrate the holiday season? Obviously, doing nothing much...

Sorry I'm so late this month, but you'll see in the photos to your right that I am spending the holiday season in the kind of place where you - or at least I - can very easily lose track of time.

The photos show you the views from my bedroom, the kitchen hearth (the centre of all activity) and... my main role-model these days.

Other bad influences on me when it comes to keeping commitments : family meetings and meals. It's all rather dreadful. Luckily it only happens once a year and very soon now I'll have to go back to rushing around...

As for traditions:
Christmas is mostly about gathering whatever family is around - no children this year, so it's rather more relaxed but also less fun...
And then the game is eating and drinking fine, enjoyable stuff - more and better than usual but not so much that it spoils January...

Oh and, also, in the last two photos, our one persistent, Christian tradition, even though we're not a church-going family : the "Crèche", lovingly re-created by my mother every year, even when the children are not here to Oooh and Aaah about it - and also the Three Wise Men, wisely waiting (on the nearby mantelpiece) for Twelfth Night and Epiphany...

I wish you all the best possible New Year (especially all of you, lucky people with a brand new, hopeful and audacious president coming up...).

Friday, 5 December 2008

Time flies...

You can't! They fly too fast.

Une petite plaisanterie pour signaler qu'en ce moment, je suis surchargée de travail et que mon "atelier" fonctionnne, mais au ralenti, et que j'ai l'intention de mettre mes deux boutiques (sur DaWanda et sur Etsy) en vacances pendant 10 ou 15 jours à la fin du mois. J'aurai des nouveautés à mettre en vente à la réouverture en janvier... J'espère aussi pouvoir blogger plus à partir de cette période.

Just to say I have been really overworked this term and will close both my DaWanda and Etsy shops for 10 to 15 days at the end of the month. I hope to catch up on some blogging but mostly to go away, get a rest and give some reality to a few projects that have been begging for my attention!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Blogging Merry-Go-Round - Brrrrrrr...

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left). If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...

This month's question:
How do the different seasons and weather affect you in your art and craft?

I was born in late July and first grew up in very, but very, sunny places, only visiting Metropolitan France in the summer.

Part of me has never quite accepted, even after more than 30 years, the fact that there is such a thing as Winter.

Actually, if it weren't that it's so cold sometimes, Winter is sort of OK. Especially here in Bordeaux were you can still enjoy the café terrasses on most days. But Autumn feels like such a let down! So unfair. Every year it's the same— I had forgotten! Boo woo hoo... And I turn into this bristly bear-like creature that can barely deal with the daily drudgery of my day job and all. I know it's called seasonal depression, but it feels more like a rebellion. I want out, you understand, I want nothing to do with this sorry business of leaves falling. And buckets of rain along with it. Not to mention the temperatures. I sort of pooh pooh it for a while, but then I just want to protest and go on strike (what with my being French, you know...).

So, you will have gathered that this is not my most creative period. Understatement of... the year! Autumn is a time of quiet activities, like researching new techniques, reading, doing repetitive work that can be done cuddled up under a thick blanket, with a few candles on and possibly some classical or easy listening music too. It's a time when I want to tidy up but don't get around to doing it, so I just get rid of the useless, damaged stuff and vow never to clutter up so much...

Come Christmas, I can just make out Springtime, over there, in the distance, and I want to get new projects going. Something to do with the light: I want light so badly, and I now that it just cannot get worse than Christmas. Until then, it's a drag. Come New Year, I'm much more bubbly, and it's not just the champagne!

Spring is probably my most active, hectic, hopeful, crazy time of year. In Summer, I tend to just want to enjoy the heat (keep it coming!) and be lazy in the afternoon (and the morning, and...). But it's also my most "ongoingly" (?) creative time of year. Just don't expect me to run around!

Oh, to be in Summer...

Going back to my blanket and candles just now...

Saturday, 1 November 2008

I've been Tagged! / J'ai été "Taguée" !

Now these Merry-go-rounders are friends indeed! Evidence: I've been tagged, not once but twice!
In my own peculiar brand of logics, it has entailed me taking, not twice, but twenty times as long to come up with this message...
Being tagged means that I have to provide 7 facts about myself and tag 7 other bloggers. Find the rules and list further down.
I'm keeping it short and sweet, again, sticking to facts indeed, so I can also write the French version...
So I've been tagged by a great fiber artist : Charlotte of Fancypicnic and a great silver wire artist : Fabs of Easterya. Do look up their blogs to discover their work and understand why I call them great. You'll see!

1. I took my firt plane trip when I was barely one month old. The trip took me from the island of Tahiti to that of Raiatea. I am told the plane was not a large one. Which was only fit!
2. I got my first pair of shoes just before I turned 2— on my first trip to Metropolitan France. Probably why I am such a shoe fiend now, buying all those splendid, sexy sandals I never wear. Shoes must be beautiful and make a statement!
3. When I was maybe 22 (last century anyway), I auditioned for admission at RADA (no comment).
4. Useless talent number one: I can move my ears. Provided you are not making me giggle at the same time.
5. Not that I am claustrophobic, you understand, but I will rather sit or stand near some kind of an exit. Even if it has to be a window on the umpteenth floor. In a cinema, I will never choose to sit in the middle of a row.
6. I am a compulsive buyer. On the mend (???)!
7. My favourite film ever : Jacques Demy's Peau d'Ane.

Ce manège (anglophone) de blogueuses est décidément bien chaleureux. La preuve : j'ai été "taguée", non pas une mais deux fois!
Avec ma logique à moi, bien sûr, ça m'a pris non pas deux fois mais pas loin de vingt fois plus longtemps qu'à n'importe qui d'autre pour répondre ici...
Cela implique que je donne ici 7 faits me concernant et que je tague moi-même 7 autres personnes (voir les règles et ma liste à la fin).
J'ai essayé de faire court. Dans les deux langues...
J'ai été "taguée" par deux artistes que j'apprécie beaucoup et dont j'admire le travail : Charlotte de Fancypicnic qui concocet de somptueux bijoux textiles, et Fabienne de Easterya dont les bijoux de fil d'argent sont un enchantement. Ne manquez pas de cliquer et d'aller visiter leur blogs pour découvrir travail !

1.J'ai pris l'avion pour la première fois au tendre âge de 1 mois. Pour aller de l'île de Tahiti à celle de Raiatea. D'après ce que l'on m'a dit, l'avion n'était pas gros, lui non plus.
2. J'ai eu mes premières chaussures juste avant mon deuxième anniversaire, Lors de mon premier séjour en métropole. C'est sans doute pour ça que j'ai maintenant toutes ces chaussures fabuleuses que je ne mets jamais. Les chaussures doivent être belles, au minimum, voire fantastiques!
3. Quand j'avais 22 ans, je crois, (au siècle dernier en tout cas), j'ai passé une audition pour essayer d'entrer à la RADA (l'une des deux plus grandes écoles d'art dramatique en Grande-Bretagne, autant dire dans le monde). No comment.
4. Mon talent inutile numéro un : je peux bouger mes oreilles. A condition que vous ne me fassiez pas rire.
5. Je ne suis pas vraiment claustrophobe, pas vraiment... mais je préfère toujours me positionner près d'une sortie, même si c'est une fenêtre au énième étage. Au cinéma, je ne m'assiérai jamais spontanémement en milieu de rang.
6. Je souffre de fièvre acheteuse chronique. mais je me soigne (???) !
7. Mon film préféré : Peau d'Ane de Jacques Demy.

And here are the happy new taggee. Hopefully :
Voici les heureuses (enfin, j'espère) taguées :

Jenny Karlsson Designs

All you have to do, people, is acknowledge the tag from me, list these rules and give us seven facts about yourself. Tag seven more people, link to their blogs and leave a comment for them on their blogs... Then they know they've been tagged!!

Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c'est dire que je vous ai "tagué", expliquer ces quelques règles, et nous livrer 7 faits, plus ou moins extraordinaires, sur vous. Taguez 7 autres personnes, en donnant le lien vers leur blog et en laissant un commentaire sur leur blog pour le leur annoncer : pour qu'elles sachent qu'elles ont été taguées... Et ainsi de suite !

Friday, 31 October 2008

Blogging Merry-Go-Round - Scary ??!

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left). If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...

This month's question:
What is the scariest part of your art/craft?

Well— the craft itself is not the scary part, that's one thing!
I think what really scares me is the risk of "losing" it (the pleasure of thinking with my fingers, instead of my head, for once)— because of trying to "share" it (as in promoting and trying to sell). I have a "day job", a fairly exacting one, so crafting all began as (a lot of different) leisure activities that were important for my personal balance, But I've come to realize that thinking too much about promotion and what sells has done three very bad things: it has taken up a lot of of my "leisure time" when I didn't have that much of it to begin with, it has influenced my craft activities in not very creative ways and, as a result, it has taken away a lot my joy.
I'm working on it!
This is actually, why I haven't been bloging at all for the past month—trying to catch up with myself.
But I should add that this merry-go-round, with all the friendliness and great reading, remains one of my few enjoyable promotion activities. So thank you all again for this!

Monday, 29 September 2008


Vous aimez les articles faits main, par des artistes indépendants ? Vous aimez les cadeaux ?
Un peu de lèche-vitrine virtuel et vous pouvez en gagner plein !
Ça commence le 1er octobre.

Do you like items handcrafted by indie designers ? Do you like gifts ?
All you have to do is a bit of virtual window-shopping and you could

win loads !
Starting October 1st.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Blog Merry-Go-Round - What was your journey to your craft?

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.

Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left). If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...

This month's question:
What was your journey to your craft?

Short answer: the journey through life.
And doesn't that sound grand! .^.^.

The LP * answer is that, one of my earliest memories, and I think my very earliest happy memory, is of crafting. Many of my happy memories are.

When I was six or seven, I had come up with that that "technique" that would probably be called altered art or scrapbooking — or altered scrapbooking??? — nowadays. It all began with recycling (I'm a child of the seventies, I am!) trimming peels from my colour pencils, as well as the mine, whenever that broke off, and glueing them into flowers on drawing paper. Of course, I ended up destroying all of my pencils in order to get the materials for my art...
I have always remained convinced that this was a great idea. But sadly, no one else was... Still, I can remember the pride and relish in having created something without anyone telling me how to... and without anyone doing the same.

After that, I concentrated on school...

But later on, I had my mother show me how to knit, I also created the most peculiar attires for my Barbie doll (yes, you only needed one in those days, and you changed its clothes, not the whole doll, when you wanted a new style...), sewing them as best I could with more attention to texture than to style...
There were many more crafty adventures, including clay pot-making classes when I was about twelve (hopeless!), and I was eager to pick up all I could from craft and drawing classes (though I had no luck when it came to actual drawing, I'm afraid— hopeless too). A lot of pottering about and DIY, generally.
Then, about eight years ago, I got my dream Christmas present: a sewing machine! I took a series of classes at a neighbourhood Singer shop. Very well spent money, that. I then made myself several darling dresses. I never wear dresses, but these— well, a couple of them— I did wear, with pride.
And then— and then—

Until, one day, in Paris (I was living up there at the time), I was window-shopping with a cross-stitcher friend and we entered that shop. It was (still is, as far as I know) called Le Bonheur des Dames (from the name of a nineteenth-century departement store in the eponymous Zola novel, it means something like "Ladies' Joy"...). All about cross-stitching. Wonderful patterns, colours, textures (silk, linen... Ahhh!...). I bought half-a-dozen tiny Scottish heritage patterns... and I was a lost woman.
For a couple of years, I stitched away like crazy.

     Then, about three years ago, without noticing at first, I bought this cute beach-chair pattern, that included seed beads. I loved the combining of materials. I looked into beads. Then I discovered that you could actually buy pearls and... I never looked back!
I am still discovering, exploring, associating, imagining... everyday, and even sometimes creating!

*(for Long-Playing. Yes, I'm a dinosaur— I used to buy vinyl records though I'm no DJ)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: SHEFA

Today's profile is that of a fellow jewellery designer: Orit, of Shefa. I'm sure you've noticed her truly outstanding pieces on DaWanda. She crafts her pieces from scratch and obviously knows just how to set out the beauties and wonders of nature... Well, you should also know that this time, I had no translation to do, Orit answered my questions in both languages! Lazy me happy!
Go visit her lovely shop where you can buy knowing that here is a designer / seller you can communicate with!

Shefa on DaWanda

Le profil d'aujourd'hui est celui d'une autre créatrice de bijoux : Orit, de Shefa. Vous avez certainement déjà remarqué ses créations sur DaWanda : elles sortent du lot. Elle crée entièrement ses bijoux et sait manifestement comment mettre en valeur les beautés et merveilles de la nature... Ce que vous devez aussi savoir, c'est que cette fois, je n'ai eu aucun travail de traduction à faire : Orit à répondu à mon questionnaire dans les deux langues. Ma fainéantise naturelle l'en remercie énergiquement! Voilà une créatrice / vendeuse avec qui vous arriverez forcément à communiquer. Pour vous offrir ses créations ou la contacter :
Shefa sur DaWanda

1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
Wood, gemstones, stones, shells, lace,
velvet, rice paper.
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
The different hues of the sea, but
basically, I love them all!
4) What good are your five senses to you?
I love all our 5 senses (including the sixth
one....) and I cant even imagine missing
one of them - they are all perfect!
When we connect with our sensitivity we can
use more of our senses potential and reach
wonderful high levels with them...
5) Why the need to make things?

I strongly believe that one of our big
purposes in life is to create, whether
it's art, children, different realities
and experiences, and so on..
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
The project of life!!..- very interesting
one and includes so much....
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
This opal and coconut ring!

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
Bois (particulièrement le bois de noix de coco), gemmes (pierres), coquillages, dentelle, velours, papier de riz.
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
Les différentes tonalités de la mer, mais fondamentalement je les aime toutes !
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
J’adore mes cinq sens (le sixième y compris...) et je ne peux pas imaginer qu’il m’en manque un seul d'entre eux - ils sont tous parfaits ! Quand nous nous relions à notre sensibilité nous pouvons employez un plus grand potentiel de nos sens et ainsi atteindre certains merveilleux niveaux élevés grâce à eux...
5) Pourquoi créer ?
Je pense fortement qu’un de nos principaux buts dans la vie est de créer,
que ce soit par l’art, les enfants, que ce soit dans de différentes réalités et par différentes expériences et ainsi de suite...
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
Le projet : MA VIE !!! projet très intéressant qui inclut tellement…
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
Cette bague en noix de coco et opale ! [NDE : deuxième photo, plus haut]

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Watch for the blog Merry-Go-Round

A few enterprising crafters cum bloggers, are going to join in a blogging merry-go-round. That's with the stress on merry, as opposed to boring hard-selly... So watch for this little clipart, later on this week:

And here are the other crafty blogs on the merry-go-round:

Sara from
Ruth from
Charlotte from
Lily from
Marian from
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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Concrete Tactics - Tactique Très Pratique

For a little while now, I have been wanting to make some essential changes in my life. Namely to get myself a car and move away from the excessively noisy Bordeaux city center, in order to reorganize my two-fold everyday life and work— and be finally able to go on a real holiday without worrying about finding my place in ruins when I get back. Coming back from from an instantly wasted seaside holiday, a few summers ago, to find the corridor ceiling on the floor, was quite an experience. Not one I am looking froward to renewing, you understand. But as I tend to like to anticipate trouble— not that it prevents it, obviously— I have also been considering security side effects, and the necessity for security.
So I have been surfing the net for alarm systems, trying to find relevant security stuff retailers. Well, I haven't found my ideal, house-with-a-cat alarm sytem as yet, but I have found an amazingly "tactical" site. If you are looking for the kind of bags, shoes, underwear, clothes, holsters etc. that the police or the military like to use, this is the site for you. You only have to look up their
tactical pants to be convinced!
Shame I couldn't fin a more feminine version of the tartan-lined slacks...

Depuis quelque temps, je réfléchis pas mal à un certain nombre de changements que je voudrais opérer : achat de voiture et déménagement, pour pouvoir m'organiser mieux dans mon multiple quotidien... et enfin partir en vacances san m'inquiéter de savoir dans quel état je vais retrouver mon modeste chez moi en rentrant. Mais entre autres effets secondaires, j'ai commencé à m'inquiéter de la question de la sécurité : alarme etc.
En surfant sur le net, je suis tombée, non pas encore sur le système d'alarme idéal pour une petite maison avec chat... mais sur un site d'équipement policier et militaire assez étonnant. je comprends mieux où les militaires français qui doivent investire eux-mêmes dans leur équipement (!) peuvent trouver à améliorer son ergonomie. On peut trouver des vêtements, sous-vêtements, chaussures, sacs, lampes etc. incroyablement "tactiques". Pour preuve, ces :
"tactical pants" (pantalons tactiques, donc).
Ça fait rêver, non. Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de modèle plus féminin...

Monday, 15 September 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: ALIBALIJEWELLERY

Today, I'd like you you meet a designer from Edinburgh— Alison, from Alibali Jewellery. This is the opportunity to discover a very versatile , creative person, as well as her favourite material, also very versatile, thanks to the wonderful pieces she makes with it.
Alibali on DaWanda
Aujourd'hui, je vous propose de renconter une créatrice d'Edimbourg : Alison, de Alibali Jewellery. Une occasion de découvrir une personnalité très riche et son travail très varié, avec un matériau favori plein de possibilité...
Alibali sur DaWanda

1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
Has to be silver art clay. It's the reason I got into jewellery initially. I love the way you can be quite inexperienced, but very quickly create some beautiful objects. It's brilliant for jewellery beginners, but also you can develop a good level of skill fairly quickly. Plus, the process is quite fascinating. Moulding, keading, rolling, stamping, cutting whilst wet. Then you can etch and file and smooth when dry.. Once dry, the firing process turns this re-cycled silver - back to silver.
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
Red, not sure why, always has been. Any shade from fairly muted to absolute screaming crimson!!
4) What good are your five senses to you?
Smell - wow, imagine being without it!! Imagine not smelling food for starters!! But other fantastic smells - the smell your Christmas tree gives your house, like walking through a forest; fabulous perfume; flowers (especially gorgeous roses).
Sight - I doubt I could do what I do without it!! I cannot imagine not knowing what a colour is or having never seen my family and friends.
Taste - well it lets me taste food and yummy wine, need I say more!!!
Touch - I love the feel of gorgeous quality pearls, smooth to the touch, or the feel of soft fabric against your skin..
Hearing - wonderful music or the splendid silence of the hills, where would I be without either?
5) Why the need to make things?

Always had a 'creative ' slant. I was accepted into art college after school and did a year of Architecture - but I didn't enjoy it and left to do a Communication degree. Still creative, but ended up in HR for a large corporate. But that's what pushed me to create jewellery as a form of stress relief and it just gathered momentum from there! I sit at my day job planning what to make in the evening!! (Oh I also work quite hard - honest!!)
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
A very heavily beaded bracelet with my most elaborate toggle clasp yet. Toggle clasps are a bit of an obession at the moment.
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
tennis, tennis and more tennis. I cannot seem to play enough!! Roll on wimbledon!!

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
"scrumptious" [un mot très savoureux pour dire délectable...NDLR]
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
Sans hésiter, la pâte d'argent ["silver clay" ou "art clay", peu répandue en France, malheureusement.... NDLR]. C'est la raison pour laquelle je me suis mise à faire des bijoux au début. J'aime le fait que même sans avoir aucune expérience, on peut très vite faire de très belles choses. C'est super pour les débutants en bijouterie, et on peu développer son savoir-faire très rapidement. En plus, le processus est fascinant. Mouler, pétrir, rouler, poinçonner, couper, tant que c'est humide. Ensuite on peu poncer et lisser quand c'est sec. Et une fois que c'est sec, la cuisson transforme cet argent recyclé... en argent à nouveau.
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
Le rouge. je ne sais pas trop pourquoi : c'est depuis toujours. De la nuance la plus discrète à l'écarlate le plus tonitruant !
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
Odorat - Oh la la , imaginez un peu devoir s'en passer!! Imaginez ne pas sentir la nourriture par exemple !! Et toutes ce autres odeurs extraordinaires - l'odeur qu'un arbre de Noël répand dans votre maison, on se croirait dans une forêt ; des parfums fabuleux ; les fleurs (surtout les merveilleuses rose).
Vue - Je ne crois pas que je pourrais faire sans !! Je ne peux pas imaginer ce que ce serait de ne pas savoir ce qu'est une couleur ni sans avoir jamais vu ma famille ou mes amis.
Goût - Et bien ça me permets de déguster de la bonne nourriture ou de délicieux vins. Sans commentaire !!!
Toucher - J'aime la sensation tactile des perles de qualité, si lisses, ou encore celle d'une étoffe douce sur la peau.
Ouïe - Une merveilleuse musique ou le silence grandiose des collines : que devriendrais-je sans eux?
5) Pourquoi créer ?
J'ai toujours été "créative"... J'ai été acceptée dans une école d'études artistiques après le lycée, et fait une année d'Architecture ; mais ça ne m'a pas plus et j'ai arrêté pour préparer un diplôme de Communication. Toujours créative, mais je me suis retrouvée aux Ressources Humaines dans un grand groupe.Mais c'est justement ça qui m'a poussée à créer des bijoux, pour me détendre... et puis ensuite ça a pris de plus en plus d'importance ! Quand je suis au travail, dans la journée, je réfléchis à ce que je vais fabriquer le soir!! (Oh mais je travaille aussi très dur, je vous assure!)
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
Un bracelet très élaboré en perles recouvertes de perles de rocailles et avec un fermoir en T. Les fermoirs en T m'obsèdent un peu en ce moment...
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
Le tennis, le tennis, et encore et toujours plus de tennis : je n'arrive pas à m'en lasser. Et vive Wimbledon !

Friday, 12 September 2008

Looking for Information? Fichiers Publics Américains en Ligne

Have you ever tried to locate some long lost friend or cousin? Well, if they are in the United States, you just might be able to achieve that in a few clicks.
Same thing if you are looking to check on a business parter— or on a partner's marital status.

At a time when so many, here in France, are worrying about being on file, secretely, for various more or less palatable reasons, I've just discovered what an awful lot you can learn about neighbours or total strangers from perfectly public records, on the web— with a little patience and perseverance.
I've just found out about this site, called Public Records Database, that has just about everything you need if you want to make a
public records search, nationwide or within one state, through state, county and city records.
Their connection to various USA public records databases allows you to search for someone and for information through Court records, Marriage and Divorce records, Real and personal property records, Birth and Death records, Jail and inmate records, Sex offender records, Wanted persons records, Professional license records, Voter records and even Unclaimed property records. To name but some of them!

The site claims to have "the largest public records search database on the World Wide Web", but they also provide direct links to a number of public records sites, such as, which allows you to enter a name and then access a list of corresponding people, including their age, which helps when you have dozens of potential correspondances...

I still have to figure out how much an actual complete search would cost— and what I would actually need to search for, but I really find the possibilities of the tool quite fascinating.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: MAUSTUDIO

Meet Manyi, of MAUstudio.
Now here's someone I admire— and am grateful to! Not only does she create all sorts of cute, kawai creatures and other lovely designs, but she also keeps up a very active site with a monthly giveaway...

MAUstudio shop on DaWanda

Et voici Manyi, de MAUstudio.
Voilà encore quelqu'un que j'admire... et à qui je suis trèss reconnaissante : non seulement elle crée toutes sortes de petites créatures adorables (très kawai), mais en plus elle organise un concours mensuel sur son site !
Boutique MAUstudio sur DaWanda
Concours (en anglais...)

1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
I love them all, especially clay, paint and felt.
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
4) What good are your five senses to you?
The five senses help me create things that I love, without them, I don't know what I would do.
5) Why the need to make things?
I feel great making things. Not only do I feel I accomplished something, other people also get to enjoy what I created, so everyone is happy. The world becomes a better place because we, as artists/designers make pretty things.
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
I am learning about the sewing machine. I can hand sew my little plushie cellphone charms very well, and decided to make them bigger. I have already created a bigger version of my Ninja Mau. You can see it in my shop.
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
I love to collect things: stamps, bookmarks, pencils, erasers, paper, stone, miniatures, coins, etc.

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
Awesome (terrible = super).
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
Tous, surtout l'argile, la peinture et la feutrine.
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
Le bleu.
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
Ils m'aident à créer des choses que j'aime et je ne sais vraiment pas ce que je deviendrais sans eux...
5) Pourquoi créer ?
Je me sens bien quand je fabrique. Notn seulement j'ai l'impression d'avoir accompli quelque chose, mais d'autres personnes yen retirent du plaisir, alors tout le monde est content! Le monde est meilleur du fait que nous, artistes et créateurs, nous fabriquons de jolies choses.
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
J'apprends à me servir vraiment de ma machine à coudre. J'arrive déjà à fabriquer mes petits bijoux de portables en laine feutrée, et j'ai décidé de les créer en plus grand. J'ai déjà fabriqué un grand "Ninja Mau", que vous pouvez trouver dans ma boutique.
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
Je suis très collectionneuse : de timbres, marque-pages, crayons, gommes, papiers, pierres, miniatures, pièces, etc.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: DIGITALDECOR

Today's designer does very different things from formerly featured designers— meet digital artist Rhonda, of Digital decor. Here's a modern artist with a sense of glamour, a representative of the eternal feminine. Do I sound grand ? Well, as a girl, I enjoyed Charlie's Angel (the series— I'm that old) hugely— I wanted to grow up to be one of those elegant, glamourous toughies... And I still enjoy anything that reminds me of my early role-models! So look up Digitaldecor on DaWanda for some sparkly glamour!

La créatrice d'aujourd'hui utilise un medium très différent des créatrices (où sont les hommes ?) précédemment présentées sur ce blog : Rhonda, de Digitaldecor, crée des objets... digitaux. Voici une artiste moderne avec le sens du glamour, une représentante de l'éternel féminin, en quelque sorte. Vous me trouvez solennelle ? C'est que, voyez-vous, quand j'étais petite fille, j'aimais beaucoup les
Drôles de Dames, (la série... et oui : je suis si vieille que ça) : quand je serais grande, je voulais être une de ces femmes élégantes, glamour et invincibles... Depuis, j'ai donc pas mal grandi avec tout ce que ça implique, mais j'ai toujours une certaine tendresse pour tout ce qui me rappelle ces premiers modèles. Alors allez chercher votre dose de glamour et d'éclat chez Digitaldecor sur DaWanda !

1) What is your favourite word?
Fabulous- I try to live by this word!
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
I love Swarvoski crystal- it's the sparkle and glamour factor. I put them on everything I can, from my cell phone to my xbox.
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
It is a 3-way tie between pink, black, and gold.
4) What good are your five senses to you?
They're the reason I'm able to create, and I'm truly grateful to have them all functioning (ok, my eyesight is so that I need glasses to drive, but it's not so bad!)
5) Why the need to make things?

I just like creating- if I didn't, there wouldn't be much for me to do that would let me relax. I do actually relax while designing.
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
Remember when I said I love Swarvoski? Well right now I'm trying to develop a collection of prints that are covered in crystals. The only problem is they'll end up being much more expensive than my regular prints- but they'll be so pretty.
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
Shopping and football (American football)- if I had to absolutely pick one, I'd pick football, but they're almost equally addictive to me.

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
Fabuleux ! J'essaie d'en être digne.
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
J'adore les cristaux Swarvoski- pour leur côté brillant et glamour. J'en mets partout où je peux, de mon téléphone portable à ma xbox.
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
La lutte est très serrée entre le rose, le noir, et l'or.
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
C'est grâce à eux que je peux créer, et je suis vraiment très reconnaissante d'avoir l'usage de tous (d'accord, ma vue étant ce qu'ell est, je dois mettre des lunettes pour conduire, mais ce n'est pas si grave !)
5) Pourquoi créer ?
J'aime ça, c'est tout. Et si ce n'était pas le cas, je ne sais pas comment je ferais pour me détendre. Parce que je me détends vraiment en travaillant à mes créations.
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
Vous vous rappelez que j'ai dit adorer les Swarvoski? Et bien en ce moment, j'essaie de développer une collection de tirages ornés de cristaux. Le seul problème étant qu'ils seront nettement plus chers que mes tirages ordinaires... mais ils seront tellement jolis !
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
Le shopping et le football (Americain), et si je devais absolument choisir l'un des deux, ce serait le football, mais je suis tout aussi accro aux deux.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: SWEETHARTDESIGNS

Now, if you are looking for just the right card or notepad, I have the designer for you! Meet Liz, of Sweethartdesigns. Hers is the shop to visit if you are looking for colourful, cheerful and— of course— sweet notecards, greeting cards, gift tags and even notebooks. All "handmade and from the heart"! So, when you've read her interview, look up Sweethartdesigns on DaWanda

Si vous êtes à la recherche de la carte parfaite ou du petit carnet unique, j'ai la créatrice qu'il vous faut : voici Liz, de Sweethartdesigns. Dans sa boutique, vous trouverez des cartes, cartes de voeux, étiquettes, et même des carnets, tous plein de couleurs douces, d'humour, et d'une bonne humeur ommunicative ; tous "faits à la main et avec le coeur". Alors quand vous aurez lu son interview, allez vite voir sa boutique :
Sweethartdesigns sur DaWanda

1) What is your favourite word?
I think it would have to be sweetheart, I'm always calling everyone by that name, male or female!!
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
I love paper, there are such a variety of colours, patterns and textures, I don't think I could ever get bored with it!
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
Yes, I absolutely love red, ever since I can remember I've always loved it. I'll often be drawn to something just because its red and for no other reason, which is a bit mad!!
4) What good are your five senses to you?
Without them I wouldn't be able to appreciate all the wonderful things in this world. From the smell of fresh cut grass, to seeing a beautiful view, the sounds of birds in the trees, the sense to feel a much needed hug and to be able to taste food, especially chocolate!!
5) Why the need to make things?
I'm not sure, I've just always felt the need to create, whether it's drawing, needlework, sewing, papercrafts or any other craft that I get the urge to try.
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
I've only recently set up on Dawanda, so I would say that it's definitely my most ambitious project. Making stock, taking photos that look professional enough, making contacts through various networking sites, promoting the shop, etc has been a steep learning curve as I have never sold my papercrafts before either off or online.
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
It would have to be books, I love to read! I can often read a book from cover to cover in a day if I have the time, like on a rainy day. Books are a bit like old friends, it's nice to revisit ones that you haven't read for a while, even when you know the plot and the ending!!

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
Je crois bien que c'est "sweetheart" [quelque chose comme "mon (petit) coeur" - Note de la traductrice...] : j'appelle tout le monde comme ça, hommes ou femmes!
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
J'adore le papier : il en existe une telle variété de couleurs, motifs et textures. je ne crois pas que je pourrai jamais m'en lasser...
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
Oh, oui! J'adore absolument le rouge, depuis toujours. Très souvent, je suis attirée par quelque chose juste parce que c'est rouge… ce qui est un peu dingue !!
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
Sans eux, je ne pourrais pas apprécier toutes les choses merveilleuses de ce monde. Sentir le parfum de l'herbe coupée, voir un beau paysage, entendre le chant des oiseaux dans le arbres, se sentir serré dans les bras de quelqu'un quand on en a besoin et pouvoir déguster la nourriture, surtout le chocolat !!
5) Pourquoi créer ?
Je ne sais pas trop : c'est juste que j'ai toujours ressenti le besoin de créer, que ce soit en dessinant, en brodant, en cousant, avec le papier, ou encore dans n'importe quelle activité manuelle créative que je ressens le besoin d'essayer.
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
Je viens seulement de créer ma boutique sur Dawanda, alors, pour l'instant, c'est ça mon projet le plus ambitieux. Fabriquer des articles en quantité suffisante, prendre des photos qui ont l'air suffisamment professionnel, prendre des contacts sur les différents sites communautaires et me créer un réseau, faire la promotion de ma boutique, etc. J'ai dû apprendre beaucoup de choses en peu de temps car je n'avais encore jamais vendu mes cartes, pas plus en ligne qu'ailleurs.
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
IJe pense que c'est les livres : j'aime énormément lire ! Il m'arrive souvent de lire un livre en entier dans la journée, si j'ai le temps, un jour de pluie, par exemple. Les livres sont un peu comme de vieux amis, et c'est agréable de rendre visite à ceux qu'on n'a pas vus depuis longtemps, même quand on connaît l'intrigue et son dénouement !!

Friday, 15 August 2008

AWE: the Argue With Everyone Discussion Forums

What with the next American presidential election being so close, many people in the world are interested in American politics. Even more than usual, I mean.
I Know that some people in France watch and discuss the American campaign with as much interest and passion— or even more, in some cases— as they did the French elections last year. To listen to some of them, you'd think they vote in it. Well, many obviously wish they would.
But anyway.
The point here is that I just discovered this great site for anyone who is interested in debating politics. It's called
Argue With Everyone, at, and is really for everyone who wants to discuss politics. From what I have seen, all the hot topics concerning American home and foreign policies can be discussed there.
Being an American site, it's obviously very US-oriented, but I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who is not a citizen of the United States to "meet" some of these American voters whose choices, we often feel, will influence
our lives too.

"The site is generally unmoderated, designed with very few rules to promote open, free debate about whatever topics members are interested in" (I quote), and as a consequence, there is quite a bit of ranting and raving, but there are bound to be people who are really there to discuss and exchange ideas too.

I would definitely advise a visit to any French
political student with a better than average level in English, as well as to any student of American society and history— they are bound to find this site enlightening!
Do not stand in awe of AWE!... Sorry about that... Couldn't help it...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

DaWanda - Feature / Profil: ETERKNITTY

Today's interviewees are outstanding knitwear designers: Bridie and Joanne, of EterKnity. Look up their shop for a cozy range of classy, warm knits:
Etterknitty on DaWanda

Le profil d'aujourd'hui est l'occasion de découvrir des créatrices de tricot qui vous proposent des vêtements à la fois élégant et chaleureux...
Etterknitty sur DaWanda

1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is / are your favourite material(s) / fabric(s)?
We love the feel of natural fibers like wool, cashmere, soy, silk and bamboo. We try to incorporate natural and eco-friendly fibers into our knitwear. If we were to choose a favourite it would have to be cashmere.
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
We love “earthy” and “warm” colours like brown (earth and bark), paprika and sage. These colours have a rustic feel to them and make us think of the rich and cozy colours of Autumn— perfect colours for our knitwear.
4) What good are your five senses to you?
They are good for looking at sunsets, listening to the ocean, tasting chilled wine, smelling freshly baked bread, and touching the faces of our sleeping babies.
5) Why the need to make things?

We are life-long knitters and we come from a talented family of artists – so being creative and unique is part of who we are. Inspiration comes from everyday things; colours, fabrics, nature and the need to stand out from the crowd. And of course, to honour our mother and grandmother who taught us the art of knitting.
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
To create a wedding dress!
7) What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?
Chocolate and champagne!

1) Quel est votre mot préféré ?
Vendu !
2) Votre / Vos matériaux / fibre(s) préféré(s) ?
Nous aimons le toucher des fibres naturelles comme la laine, le cachemire, le soja, la soie et le bambou. Nous essayons d'incorporer des fibres naturelles et écologiques dans nos tricots. S'il fallait donner une fibre préférée, ce serait le cachemire.
3) Avez-vous une couleur préférée ?
Nous aimons les teintes de terre et les couleurs chaudes, comme le marron, le brun, le rouge paprika et le vert feuille. Ces couleurs ont quelque chose de rustique et nous font penser couleurs vives et chaleureuses de l'automne : des couleurs parfaites pour nos créations.
4) A quoi vous servent vos cinq sens ?
A regarder des couchers de soleil, à écouter l'océan, à savourer du vin blanc frais, à renifler l'odeur du pain frais, et à caresser le visage de nos bébés endormis.
5) Pourquoi créer ?
Nous tricotons depuis toujours et nous venons d'un famille pleine d'artistes talentueux, alors créer et être originales, ça fait partie de qui nous sommes. Nous trouvons notre inspiration dans les choses de tous les jours : couleurs, tissus, la nature et le besoin se sentir unique. Et aussi, bien sûr, le désir d'honorer notre mère et notre grand-mère, qui nous ont appris à tricoter.
6) Votre projet ambitieux du moment ?
Créer une robe de mariée !
7) Votre addiction (non-créative !) ?
Le chocolat et le champagne !