Friday, 12 September 2008

Looking for Information? Fichiers Publics Américains en Ligne

Have you ever tried to locate some long lost friend or cousin? Well, if they are in the United States, you just might be able to achieve that in a few clicks.
Same thing if you are looking to check on a business parter— or on a partner's marital status.

At a time when so many, here in France, are worrying about being on file, secretely, for various more or less palatable reasons, I've just discovered what an awful lot you can learn about neighbours or total strangers from perfectly public records, on the web— with a little patience and perseverance.
I've just found out about this site, called Public Records Database, that has just about everything you need if you want to make a
public records search, nationwide or within one state, through state, county and city records.
Their connection to various USA public records databases allows you to search for someone and for information through Court records, Marriage and Divorce records, Real and personal property records, Birth and Death records, Jail and inmate records, Sex offender records, Wanted persons records, Professional license records, Voter records and even Unclaimed property records. To name but some of them!

The site claims to have "the largest public records search database on the World Wide Web", but they also provide direct links to a number of public records sites, such as, which allows you to enter a name and then access a list of corresponding people, including their age, which helps when you have dozens of potential correspondances...

I still have to figure out how much an actual complete search would cost— and what I would actually need to search for, but I really find the possibilities of the tool quite fascinating.

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