Friday, 15 August 2008

AWE: the Argue With Everyone Discussion Forums

What with the next American presidential election being so close, many people in the world are interested in American politics. Even more than usual, I mean.
I Know that some people in France watch and discuss the American campaign with as much interest and passion— or even more, in some cases— as they did the French elections last year. To listen to some of them, you'd think they vote in it. Well, many obviously wish they would.
But anyway.
The point here is that I just discovered this great site for anyone who is interested in debating politics. It's called
Argue With Everyone, at, and is really for everyone who wants to discuss politics. From what I have seen, all the hot topics concerning American home and foreign policies can be discussed there.
Being an American site, it's obviously very US-oriented, but I think it is a great opportunity for anyone who is not a citizen of the United States to "meet" some of these American voters whose choices, we often feel, will influence
our lives too.

"The site is generally unmoderated, designed with very few rules to promote open, free debate about whatever topics members are interested in" (I quote), and as a consequence, there is quite a bit of ranting and raving, but there are bound to be people who are really there to discuss and exchange ideas too.

I would definitely advise a visit to any French
political student with a better than average level in English, as well as to any student of American society and history— they are bound to find this site enlightening!
Do not stand in awe of AWE!... Sorry about that... Couldn't help it...

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