Friday, 14 December 2007

A DaWanda Seller's Christmas Holiday

The Christmas Holidays - so long expected, so yearningly looked forward to - Getting away is the key-word here. A change of scene.

So this is where I'll be off (photos taken early November, this year), as soon as possible, to be away from my day job, deep in the heart of the heart of the French country.
Apart from champagne and sweet as well as savoury delights (mandatory, you understand), there will be a lot of photographing and knitting involved, and hopefully a little time to experiment with new stuff - I'm quite curious about resin and look forward to trying out a few ideas.

By the time the End of Year holidays have arrived, the work on other people's celebrations and presents has long been done, so it's also a good time to focus on those excellent resolutions that will make me a better crafter next year... Not sure my holidays will be long enough to figure that one out!

One change I do intend to make is to make this blog bilingual - but I still need to decide on how exactly... Suspense!

A "small" wish for the New Year, if I may : let DaWanda improve and grow and develop, and let our enthusiasm and work and efforts be rewarded!

A very Happy Crafty New Year to you all, DaWandians and others!

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