Friday, 24 April 2009

Merry-Go-Round - Sprrrrringtime!!!

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This month's theme:

Photo exhibition today!

Cherry tree, rosemary, daredevil lily-of-the-valley, lilac, "le Désespoir du Poète" (in the foreground), and chives & parsley.

Because to me, spring means blooming (I could spend hours day-dreaming, lying on the grass, flat on my back, under a cherry-tree in bloom), budding (the buds are all as different as the leaves and flowers shall be)... and messy (so many things to see and do - so little time to blog about it!).

I love the surge of energy, the infinite scale of green hues, the tender blades, the dark buds, the dandelion galore... and (last phot but one) what I only know by its nickname: "the painter's despair", because it moves with the lightest breeze.

I get all this when I go to the country, but I also keep up a little sample of spring on my miniature balconies (in the last photo).

And so I am bubbling over with projects and plans and schemes.

Right now, I am working on my newly established business (not that I am selling any more of course) and on new techniques.

Today, I spent hours browsing along the alleys of our huge Spring Fair (flea market cum antique / flower / regional food market).

I must have been there for about three hours there
and only managed to cover about a third of it...

Crawled back home carrying old books (a French translation of Mrs Minniver, a German one of Ivanhoe, an early 20th cent. map of the North of Scotland etc.); about ten yards of vintage, unused tea towel fabric (to make sturdy tote bags); antique, handcut crystal (not for any chandelier of mine, but to make unique jewellery with, of course!).


florcita said...

beautiful pictures!
The spring for me is a messy, busy, happy time as well!

Easterya said...

Love love cherry-trees, can't get more gorgeous bloom! I like your little personal Spring window box, that's so sweet! Looking forward to see your new creations, sounds like you are learning loads!! Lovely pics too!

Merci pour ton compliment sur le pendentif, cela me touche beaucoup!

Ruth said...

I love the lilac and cherry tree photos especially. Sounds like some great spring fair finds too. Look forward to seeing what comes from them. Happy Springtime!

Beaded Zen said...

Love seeing the flowers. We are now just getting our spring time flowers here. hope yur new business springs off to a great start

'fancypicnic' said...

What gorgeous photos! I lovethe little vignettes - intensifies the newness of spring growth.

Love the talk of the Spring market - those crystals!!! Yum. Can't wait to see what you create...although I'm rather partial to a stately chandelier!