Friday, 27 August 2010

Merry-Go-Round - Creative Challenge

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women from around the world as they link hands and tell you a little bit about their lives in craft.
Do look up the answers from the rest of this band of crafters (links to your left).
If they haven't posted yet, remember we all live in different time zones and check again later...

This month's theme:
This month, we have all been working on projects inspired by one photo— showing a bouquet of colourful ballons.

I have long wanted to experiment with those lovely fabric flowers that I had seen on Etsy.

What with their being round and as colourful as you like and also potentially full of life and cheer, that's what came to mind the minute I saw those balloons...

So here goes.

I really like that those fabric flowers are organic-looking, and all unique, however adept you can probably get at making them.

As usual, I like the haphazard, chance aspect of this craft.

I also like that you can make them recycling all those industrial fibers that you find everywhere and that always seem to age à-so-not-gracefully— that way, you can turn som drab, mass-produced stuff into organic-looking, unique loveliness.

I still need to practice a lot more before I can create more loveliness than cuteness, but I already quite like the simplicity of these two in particular.

Now. What to do with them.
You see a lot of these on bobby pins and who am I to do any different?

So that's where my two maroon balloon-flowers will go.

But for the other five, I have a special master-plan.

He, he, he...

A few weeks ago, I was given this promotional Etsy bag— which was nice.

But have a look— don't you find it a bit sad.

Really not balloon-like cheerful, is it?

Badly in need of some embellishment, wouldn't you say?

Ta daa!

That was fun.

Lots more flowers to be strewn on the path of the unsuspecting virtual shopper. All in good time.


Mariana said...

hey! what a cool idea! Florcita

Ruth said...

I love the bag accessories! The flowers look great - nice to see the close up shots of what you've made them out of.

ArtMind said...

I love the bag - I have the same one but I think I will need to pimp the balloons too! Clever!
It's great fun to dscover new techniques andtry new stuff! :)

Easterya said...

Excellent!! Your flowers are totally lovely and they look great on the bag!!