Monday, 24 September 2007

Designer Feature - SARA'S TEXTURE CRAFTS

Meet Sara Millis of Sara's Texture Crafts.

Her highly textured jewellery is soft even to the eye, and she combines a very distinctive brand of creativity with a delicate vintage look.

She is also very active on Dawanda and the initiator of the Dawanda Shop Directory on blogspot:

Look up her web site, blog and Indiepublic page for more photos and for links to her shops.

Meanwhile, here are her answers to my 7 inquisitive questions:

1. What is your favourite word?

Texture! It describes so many sensual feelings and emotions.

2. What is/are your favourite material(s)/fabric(s)?

I love any fabric with a textural weave, so tweeds and herringbones, to velvets and flowing silk.

3. Do you have a favourite colour?

At the moment I love shades of pink or green, which you can see from my shops!

4. What good are your five senses to you?

The five senses are extremely important to me and my whole being is effected by my reaction to each sensual experience. I am at my happiest when each is challenged and treated with love and at my weakest when a sense is violated. For work I use my senses to create and in my personal life to show love to those who are close.

5. Why the need to make things?

I think creation is in my nature! I am restless and am always inventing things in my head, so I create to let it out and save me from lying awake all night!

6. What is your most ambitious project at the moment?

My most ambitious project this year is turning my brand ‘Sara’s Texture Crafts’ into a successful business… This is me out on my own for the first time, so I am nervous and very proud of what I have achieved so far.

7. What is your pet (non-creative!) addiction?

Chocolate! I enjoy watching fancy chocolate being made and of course to eat it!


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! As soon as I can I will link this feature to my blog, so that people can come and check out your writings and shops.

Sara xx

Marian said...

Of course Sara is everywhere! and does a great job. I actually feel comfortable when I go into a new forum, blog, etc, and see that Sara is there, has been there or even created the place!!!
She is always very helpfull...and... very talented!

Goood luck to you Sara and great blog meherio68. Staying to read a bit.