Saturday, 22 September 2007

Self-Inflicted Questionnaire

I would like to use this little questionnaire of mine to feature some designer friends on this blog. So I thought I had to answer it myself first.
1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is / are your favourite material / fabric?
Pearls come first, with also a soft spot for aquamarine, garnet and peridot - I don't actually mind emeralds, diamonds and gold... linen (the best excuse in the world for wearing wrinkled clothes) and cashmere (which feels like being cuddled by a cuddly toy)
3) Do you have a favourite colour?
Not really. There are some I don't like, of course. But I will need this or that, depending on - Black is comfortable, red is indispensable, and greens are soothing.
4) What good are your five senses to you?
I think and memorize and assess with my eyes. I enjoy life with touch and taste; when these two are low, so am I. My nose is, as often in women, too sensitive for my own good, what with living in a big city... but I think it tells me where I am and if I like it wherever; if I can smell cut grass or the sea, I am fine. My hearing - well my hearing is for music, and it is painfully susceptible to neighbourhood nuisance...
5) Why the need to make things?
Still trying to shape the world into my own - I guess. Some people might call me a control freak, but I like to make this streak into something positive...
6) What is your most ambitious project at the moment?
Apart from turning my life over (again) and opening a concept café place (hence the name of my shop), I have a turquoise necklace in mind...
7) What is your pet, non-creative addiction?
Shoes - I have this very volatile relationship with them - too many of them - always wearing the same, the reasonable ones. I can only be truly happy barefoot ( and Zola Budd made complete sense to me), only wore my first pair of shoes whan I was two - but they are to me fascinating figures of beauty. No, it's not a fetisch - not really - I am not interested in other people's...

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