Friday, 25 September 2009

Merry-go-round - What's my next Chapter?

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This month's theme:
What's your next chapter?

Well, precisely... I don't know.

I guess that I'm in a sort of rut.

It's easy for me to find excuses for not creating anything at the moment, what with all the work I have to do at the moment for my day-job.

And I'm happy to have all the excuses, because I'm still struggling with the "business" aspect of my creative activities.

Part of it is fun—getting a new look and the business cards that go with it. But as I have already "paid my dues" in another (interesting, by the way) job, I don't take too well to the "compromising" part of it.
Yet, it is sometimes tempting to "make what sells".
So, at the moment, my favourite technique, in order to resist this temptation, is not to make myself make anything unless I'm excited about it.

All the while, I'm never very far from that notebook in which I doodle ideas that need experimenting with. Probably why one of the things I've been working on is learning about handbinding techniques. Very much like crosstitching— while completely engrossing, it allows the mind to ramble on.
I also look around a lot, and keep collecting materials, as original and beautiful as possible.

I also fantasize that something I have made attracts fiery enthusiasm... In someone who is not my mother or my best friend, I mean.

I already know about drudgery, and I am no wannabe artist. I want to be, and stay, passionate about what I make.
So, even though everything seems a bit blurred right now, it feels more like a sort of holiday than an actual rut, after all. I need the time— I take it.


florcita said...

I think one has to take time out if things don't seem to be happening the way we want or happening at all. Forcing it to sell..just for the sake of selling, not smart. You might sell but then it's not for the art but for the money. Don't get me wrong... we all want to be able to make some money out of what we make... I am not otherwise naif... but better take a step down, look around...take your time and then take the next step. After all... that doesn't mean you are not doing anything at all... you are actually studying the situation ;)

GOod luck to you!

meherio68 said...

Thanks for your encouragements.
Yes, I think taking the time I feel I need is the right thing to do.
Wendren's post was also inspiring...
It's good to know I'm at least making sense!

Ruth said...

Yes, sounds like a little break will re-charge you and get you excited...but really your mind is busy figuring it all out and techniques like the handbinding will let that happen. (Handbinding sounds painful, by the way!)! Look forward to seeing what happens...

meherio68 said...

No, you're right of course! I meant bookbinding— by hand.
See what happens when you want to cram to much together!

Easterya said...

I truly believe that your brain is working right now, and it at one point, everything will come together. You are surrounded by new and not so new techniques which will merge and when they do you'll tell yourself: "Bon sang bien sur!!! Pourquoi n'y ai-je pas pensé plus tôt??!!"
The fact is you already know it, and as you said, you need the time for it to happen. Trusting yourself is soooo important! I too tried the "make what sells", all I achieved was to lose myself... Even if it FEELS like you are not going anywhere, trust your instincts, they will put you on the right path.
Merci pour ton commentaire, il m'a énormément touchée... :)

Jenny said...

I am in that phase too, not make things unless I am excited about it. Then again, there is the things that usually sells.. But that should be kept in the background somehow. I think that the things that you make for the joy of it, sells much better than what is made for money. The positive and creative energy around it will make it really interesting to others. Hm, I seem to be saying this to myself at the same time as I am saying it to you.. Day-jobs are good, but it often does get in the way of your creative work.
Stand still for a while, and then when it is all in the right place you will get forward with ease. :)

'fancypicnic' said...

We certainly go through phases, don't we?!! Like Fabs, I think you ARE working right a subconscious way. I take my hat off to you for creating your beautiful jewels AND continuing with your day job. Such an achievement - and when you're doing someting that you love, you should stay true to it...difficult to see the wood from the trees sometimes, but it will all come together in the end. I can't wait to see what's around the creative corner for you!

Wendren said...

Inspiration and motivation seem to work together. Without either, neither happens.

I hope you find your 'groove' again. There is no better high than making something that resonates with you and you believe in. Saying that, I also completely understand how difficult it is to have a day-job and come home ready to create. It can be very exhausting if not impossible.

I am sure you will find the energy and inspiration soon to create again and then you will look back on now and say - phew, I should have just relaxed in that moment of rest and not have worried so much. :) So, try and enjoy it and forget about what you are not doing and focus on what you are doing - which is taking a break. :)

Have a nice week.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Yes, don't loose that passion that's what makes you so creative.

I wish you all the luck! And thank you for being so inspirational.

Sara x