Thursday, 1 October 2009

A tiny step for me...

Well, at least, there is this one customer that values my work— myself!

I made these yesterday.
Yes, they look very simple, but yes, I was rummaging among my baskets of goods for quite some time before I could find just the right gems (2 different kinds of facetted garnets) and the right wire (thin, 18 k gold— courtesy that potential customer than never even wrote to say "Thanks but no thanks...").

And then they had to be shaped just right.

I wore them all day today— sorry no photo so far— and they felt perfect.

They're cute as studs, simple as can be— I just want to make more of them!


lisianblue said...

I am sorry that you visited and thought that I don't ship internationally, I do - figuring out postage with usps has been somewhat daunting without having zips - if you are still interested let me what you are interested in and I will figure out what the postage would be. I don't want to just put up a price that would overcharge or that I would lose a bunch of money.
I really like your simple but pretty and elegant earrings.

meherio68 said...

Thank you!
I will visit your shop again and message you then.

Maybe you should actually set overrated shipping costs and explain in your policies that you will refund the excess— that's really easy with the "refund" link on Paypal.