Friday, 5 June 2009


My favourite treat is bread. French bread, mostly. On its own, with jam, with some savoury spread. I've been known to have bread cravings (without even being pregnant)— and to indulge them! Sometimes it's all I'll have for lunch.
I remember that when I first visited England as a teenager (ages ago) the only thing I would miss was bread, "proper" bread. I really didn't like sandwich loaf. Still don't, actually.
But what I did like was the toasters. The design of them.

It was also in England that I first saw toaster ovens— that vital part of student life...

I bought my first toaster when I was living in England in a bedsitter. My first home appliance. I've had it for nearly 17 years!

So I have recently acquired a roving eye— for toasters... There is such a choice of amazingly classy designs and it seems 17 years of reflexion will make me unfaithful to my first one...

Of course to save (and pass the) time, I've been looking for my future toaster on the net and I just came across this very informative site called toaster oven. "Toaster heaven" would be more like it... Well if it was a bit more colourful, maybe.
Anyway, if what you are looking for is "just" a very detailed, selection of toasters (and toaster ovens) of all brands, listed according to price ranges, with photos, technical info (and explanations), as well as links to sites where you can buy them, with nothing to waste your time, this is the site for you.
I still have to check all the possibilities— and choose— but I have definitely bookmarked it.

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